Sitemap - 2020 - The Checklist

Outsourcing disinformation

The first COVID-19 vaccine rollout: Updates, highlights and IG Live discussion

Censorship concerns in Hong Kong and immunological memory

Crackdown on media freedom in North Africa Western Asia

A web of impunity and disinformation amid elections in Africa

Airplane transmission and calls to end censorship in Egypt

Misinformation on Telegram and SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces

Election reporting during multiple crises & misinformation on Facebook grows popular

Twitter testing misinformation labels and internet shutdowns in Algeria and Sudan

Protecting your social media feeds from election misinformation

Independent, Innovative & Feminist: Three Newsrooms Champion Access to Information

A media literate Gen Z and climate misinformation on Facebook

Seniors learning search engines and navigating our online communities

Can WhatsApp benefit from fact-checked stories & Facebook's election test in Myanmar

Facebook controversy erupts in India & Egypt persecutes female TikTok influencers

Midinformation, journalist arrests in India and Youtube bans

A fake news hack and debunking hydroxychloroquine (again)

A tsunami of fake news in Latin America and TikTok combats misinformation

Is it time for medical codes for misinformation? One doctor thinks so.

Book Talk: Gus Andrews on Surviving the Digital Revolution

Vaccine misinformation challenges and positive action by Facebook and Reddit

UN members stifling pandemic press freedoms and TikTok ban in India

Facebook, TikTok & online information, plus an internet ban in Myanmar

Confusing pandemic messaging and new tech legislation proposed

Last chance to register for Maria Ressa webinar tomorrow (June 18)

Maria Ressa, Afghanistan airstrike OSINT and preserving memory in Brazil

Maria Ressa and Seema Yasmin in Conversation: Reporting Barriers During COVID-19

Islamophobia on social media & addressing fake news in Africa and Brazil

Anti-misinformation elves and problems with scaling

Ethics of reporting COVID-19 and addressing online and offline misinformation

Scientists and journalists collaborate in Meedan's Expert Database

TikTok COVID misinformation and Youtube fact checks

Will platforms preserve misinformation data?

A flood of fake information and real threats

Miracle cures regulated in Canada, and eight misinformation arrests in South Africa

COVID-19 attacks democracies

World leaders, WhatsApp misinformation and miracle cures

Pandemic feminism and text message misinformation

Misinfodemics during a pandemic

Misinformation, measures and facts during a global health crisis

COVID-19, authoritarianism and AI

Living in a time of 'fake news' laws and deepfakes

Wikipedia misinformation, Facebook removals and anonymity loss in India

Coronavirus arrests, Facebook's oversight board and Myanmar internet shutdown

The Checklist: We're back! 🎉