Sitemap - 2021 - The Checklist

The state of journalism in 2021

Why online abuse of women goes unreported and cyber troops influencing Indonesian politics

Increasing attacks on women journalists & internet shutdowns

Missing archives in Kashmir & monopolized political content on Facebook in Brazil

Facebook's Arabic and Spanish moderation failures & punitive misinformation laws in Africa

Catching viral misinformation on tiplines in India and the Philippines

Facebook's failings in India & coordinated disinformation campaigns around the world

Internet shutdown in Sudan and addressing the president's false claim

Online hate against women - finding solutions, taking action

Reflections from Meedan on Maria Ressa's Nobel prize & Facebook's hate speech problem in Africa

Journalists win the Nobel Peace Prize, and Facebook's failure to contain misinformation in India

England's discriminatory COVID-19 travel rules and Asia's progressing vaccination drives

The rapid expansion of fact-checking initiatives in Asia

A fact-checking engineer in Indonesia & Disinformation targeting Kenya's civil society

The struggles of women politicians in Uganda & journalists in Afghanistan

Taliban's return triggers Islamophobia on Indian social media

Afghans are choosing safety over internet access & YouTube ordered to demonetize election misinformation in Brazil

Using technology to build power in Afghanistan & combating electoral disinformation in Latin America

Facbook's crackdown on anti-vax campaigns and Uganda's controversial vehicle trackers

Sinovac skepticism and a Facebook ban on ad researchers

Governments control independent media in South Africa & Myanmar

The threats of unchecked misinformation and snooping

The onslaught on freedom of expression and thought in Nigeria and Brazil

Identifying hate speech across languages and cultures

Understanding vaccine hesitancy & social network giants pledge to protect women online

Koo's Nigeria expansion and recommendation algorithms in Myanmar

Covid-19 wreaks havoc on rural journalists in India & Brazil looks to moderate content on Telegram

Electronic armies and a social media ban in Nigeria

COVID-19 misinformation in Taiwan & Brazil and support for Indian journalists reporting during the pandemic

A letter to Facebook and regulation concerns in India

Governments ramp up efforts to control the online space in Myanmar, Brazil & Colombia

Censorship and takedowns from Palestine to Colombia

Women content creators on TikTok & misinformation on post-poll violence in India

Crisis crowdsourcing in India and vaccine misinformation in Tunisia

The power of fact-checks in Iran & observing World Press Freedom Day

Separating politics from journalism and tracing anti-vaccination pages

Launching a consortium of fact-checkers in India & debating parachute journalism in Myanmar

Pandemic misinformation arrests and efforts to curb hate speech

Freedom of speech & expression under attack in Pakistan, Brazil & Sierra Leone

Misinformation tactics in Indian elections and more

Line fights disinformation & women in news media in 2021

Myanmar's digital surveillance and the forbidden stories of Rappler

COVID-19 superspreaders & platforms popular with the right-wing in India & Brazil

Facebook action in Myanmar and criticism in South Africa

Inoculating against misinformation and Arab Spring exiles look back

The debate over deplatforming and concerns about digital privacy

Misinformation forecasts and Uganda's social media order

India's farmers protest online & Ghana combats election misinformation