Sitemap - 2022 - The Checklist

Laws curtailing freedom of expression in Tanzania & Indonesia

Health rights as human rights: Join us on Dec. 10, 2022

The ongoing fallout from Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter

Big Tech Layoffs Could Pave The Way For More Misinformation

Save Alaa Abdel-Fatah

Greenwashing at COP27, data gaps in Nigeria and threats to press freedom in India

Platforms, Elections and Content Moderation

Brazil elections: Newsrooms deliver fact-checks directly to voters via WhatsApp

A pioneering cross country collaboration to combat misinformation

A local reporting project in Brazil and countering disinformation in Taiwan

Tensions on the rise between states and big tech over 'digital sovereignty'

Social Media platforms fail to moderate content pre and during elections

Meta's detection of harmful content in 2022 elections

Digital Authoritarianism in Bengladesh, Big Tech in the Amazon

Hate speech in India & surveillance threat to journalists in the MENA region

The threat of election misinformation in Kenya and Brazil

Meedan stands with Rappler in the fight against disinformation

Outrage over Philippines' decision to shut down Rappler

Applause for fact-checking networks and trainers!

Low trust in news globally and attacks on journalists

TikTok disturbs Kenya elections, disinformation laws silence dissent, and climate 'culture wars' delay climate action

How reporting in the passive voice changes perceptions of conflict

The differences between English and non-English content moderation

Mythmaking prevails in the Philippines

How India's government is taking the privacy out of VPNs

Disinformation campaigns are rewriting the past to influence the future.

Political battles on TikTok, crackdown on dissent & internet shutdowns

Disinformation campaigns, hate speech regulation and climate information

Declining freedom of speech, hate speech and climate & election disinformation

Information Manipulation, Climate Misinformation and Media Literacy

Saluting the work of fact-checkers on International Fact-Checking Day

Defamation, gagging, misinformation and hate speech: Challenges to democracy

Misattributed videos, misused platforms and malicious data collection

#BreakTheBias on International Women's Day

Restrictions on independent media in Ukraine

Disinformation updates from Russia, Philippines and Kenya

How internet regulations enable censorship in South East Asia as disinformation worsens conflict in the Sahel

Reporting amid persecution & discrimination in Angola & India

Content takedowns and fake vaccine cards

Bans, Blocks and Bad Political Actors

Platforms are facing increased pressure from users and governments

Global call outs for social media platforms to address disinformation

What does 2022 have in store for journalism?